Autoimmune cytopenias are rare diseases. Better known under the name, Thrombopenic Immunological Purpura, Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia, and Evans Syndrome, a combination of the first two, they affect several hundred people in France, several thousand worldwide: children, adolescents , women, men, you, me!

They manifest themselves, for no reason as yet determined, by the sudden production of antibodies, which destroy red blood cells, platelets or neutrophilic white blood cells.

Small shocks, cuts, can cause large bruises or severe bleeding.

Fatigue, shortness of breath, and hypersensitivity to infections are also consequences.

To date, autoimmune cytopenias cannot be cured, they can be treated, but often remain present throughout the life of those affected.
In 2001, under the impetus of some super motivated parents, the AFSE, Association for the Aid of Patients, was born, rather dedicated to Evans Syndrome.
Building on the tremendous work accomplished by AFSE, the O ’CYTO association, for research into autoimmune blood diseases, is now taking over.
Its mission is to promote research by helping to finance it.
Its main objective is to maintain around it a space for exchange, sharing, where everyone can express themselves and find the help they need.
Orphan diseases, but not genetic, autoimmune cytopenias, do not enjoy strong media coverage. So the O’CYTO association needs you!
Because health is priceless except that of research … you too make a donation as soon as possible to the O’Cyto association.