Soutenir les familles

Understanding the disease: living on a daily basis, understanding and monitoring the evolution of symptoms …

Inform and educate the public by publishing brochures allowing people to live better on a daily basis.
Know the existing treatments, their suitability for the situation, the possible alternatives, their consequences in daily life (growth of the child, …) as well as the treatment protocols.

Provide information on the state of research on these diseases: diagnosis, treatment, responsible gene discovered, gene therapy trial …
Better live the ups and downs of your health: hospitalizations, difficult treatments, waiting, isolation, imbalances generated in the family, in professional life, in education …

Représenter les patients

With the public authorities to make them aware of the difficulties encountered by patients and the specificities of their treatment.
With the medical profession and nursing teams for a better quality of care.
With the general public to raise awareness of “self-giving” (plasma, blood, bone marrow, etc.)
With laboratories and service providers to stay abreast of the quality of treatments, their variety and their evolution.
From opinion leaders, patrons, sponsors to raise the funds necessary for our operations or for research, and to increase awareness of autoimmune cytopenias.

Soutenir la recherche

Support research financially by fundraising as much as possible.
Morally support research when trials concerning our pathologies are initiated or to come.
Express our gratitude and thank the researchers.